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Making an entrance on the new and improved web site are two new videos (,, and I thought I should thank the individuals - all patients - who made them possible.

The animation 'Why do we need Root Canal Therapy' has been produced by Dom Foulsham of UKFilmNet ( Dom is a lecturer, e-learning specialist and film-maker creating digital media and presentations. He seemed the perfect individual to take the short presentation I give to my patients on why they have landed up in my surgery, and turn it into something that can benefit anyone.

As well as working on a Part 2 (sound recording in the can), I hope that Dom will lend his film-making skills to editing and adapting the hours of clinical and surgical endodontics I have recorded, into something worth watching.

Please feel free to use the video yourselves on your own websites, drop me a line and I will give you the embed codes.

The 3 minute video of the practice was produced and directed by Julia Horbaschk. Julia works for Carousel which is a wonderful organisation that helps learning disabled artists develop and manage their creative lives, true to their voice and vision, challenging expectations of what great art is and who can create it ( The filming, recording and editing was done by the very excellent Tom and Charlie from DSYMedia ( The team spent a couple of days at the practice following our work with patients and students on the Certificate Course in Endodontics.

I am usually far too self-critical to be able to find this sort of thing comfortable, but they showed their ultimate professionalism in managing to make me look vaguely human.

Lastly I have to thank some wonderful individuals, who were brave enough to be interviewed about their experiences. Heavily edited to remove all the negative stuff, we therefore only got a few seconds from each!

We are eternally grateful to Steve Cassidy (Nerd alert! THE Steve Cassidy from PC Pro), Warren Burke (for some reason not thanked on the video, sorry Warren), David Bruce and Sandra Ford.

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