Full Consultation  £295

  • Approximately 1 hour, consists of:
  • A history of the problem
  • A clinical examination of problem area/s including full oral soft tissue examination
  • All necessary intra-oral x-rays incl. CBCT scan of the problem area/s
  • The diagnosis/es will be explained (how the problem occurred) and options for dealing with it will be discussed together with relative costs
  • A résumé of the discussed options together with treatment warnings will be produced for consent purposes

CBCT Scan & Report £210

  • One 4x4cm or one 8x4cm CBCT scan
  • Report emailed to referrer and patient
  • Download link for the scan provided in email together with software and instructions for use

Endodontic (Root Canal) Treatments

Consisting of complete endodontic treatment or retreatment. A permanent filling or seal (to act as core for future crown where appropriate). One review appointment (if necessary) 6-9 months following treatment. Full report of treatment together with treatment record e-mailed to referring dentist and patient. The complete fees including the consultation fee of £295 are listed below:

*Complex as noted on preliminary scan – severe curvature, extra roots (>2 canals in premolar, >4 canals in molar), previous root filling material present, canal blockages, fractured instrument/s present, perforations, open apex.

Complete Treatment Inc. Consultation£1185+

  • Routine
  • £1185
  • Complex*
  • £1525
  • Surgery
  • £1185

Extra Procedures in addition to above fees:

  • Post removal £240
  • Constructing temporary crown £240
  • Post core construction £240
  • Bleaching of non-vital tooth £240
  • Excision biopsy pathology report £200
  • Decompression of large (cystic) area £960
  • Surgery following in-house endodontic treatment £880

Payment for the consultation will be requested following the first appointment

Payment for treatment will be requested following subsequent appointments. If an invoice is produced, payment in full is due within 10 days of invoice, unless otherwise agreed. All major credit cards accepted. 0% finance over 3 months available on request.

We require 48 hours (Mon-Fri) notice for any appointment cancellation or you may be required to pay the appointment fee in full.

Single Visit v. Multiple Visit Endodontics

Recent research comparing the success rates of treatment carried out over a single visit or multiple visits, found no difference in the long term success of treatment. Wherever possible treatment will be carried out in one session, but time, complexity, or intense infection issues may result in further appointments being necessary to complete treatment. This should not affect the quoted price.

Endodontic Treatment on multiple teeth

Timesaving can often be achieved when more than one tooth is treated. The following discounts can therefore be applied in these cases:

2+ Teeth – 1st tooth at full charge and each subsequent tooth at a 10% discount.

Post treatment complications

Should the same procedure need to be repeated due to the tooth not settling following a three month review period, this will be carried out free of charge. If a secondary procedure, i.e. endodontic surgery, on the same tooth is deemed necessary within a year of the original treatment the price of the secondary procedure is as indicated above.